Nanny 911: The Game


Take back control of the family with Nanny 911(tm) ?? The Game, a delightful time management game where you become part of the hit reality TV show!

When the kids are out of control and the parents don't know what to do, there is just one organization that can help: Nanny 911. Armed with the do's and don'ts of raising children, these ladies are ready to help parents whip their families into shape and tackle the problems that cause chaos at home.

Jump into the fray and play as one of the three nannies to help troubled families gain back control! Direct them to health and happiness by providing instructions and feedback over the course of seven days. Teach them responsibility, how to discipline and work as an entire family unit. If you need one, take a break with the Nanny's Advice mini-game. Each family can be saved, but only with your help!

Try the free trial version of Nanny 911(tm) ?? The Game or get the complete attitude adjustment when you download the full version today!

  • Experience the fun and challenge of the hit reality TV show
  • Come to the aid of families in distress
  • Direct and teach them the proper instructions for a happy family
  • Take a break and play the NannyĆ¢??s Advice mini-game
  • Learn a few tips about maintaining a happy family yourself

Genre: Action
SubGenre: Time Management
ESRB: Everyone

Current Download Rank: #763

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