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I've solved all 16 puzzles. Is thi...

I've solved all 16 puzzles. Is this the end of the game or are there other secrets to be found. (inside the cave seems to suggest that)

By dusky 09/09/06
i too have solved all the puzzles and still found no real "end" to the game the cave just a signal that there will be virtual villagers 2 or is there more to do here?
By vv2223
I've also solved the 16 - anf if you look at your puzzle grid - ther is a new one in the first row - looks like twin mountains. Anyone have any insight on this development?
By wasntmesb
I don't see a new puzzle on the puzzle grid. Just the 16 I've already solved. Where exactly are you seeing the "twin mountains"?
By wasntmesb
Regarding the "new" puzzle that appears on the puzzle grid: I finally saw it, and it is actually the "clearing the beach" puzzle that was solved before. If you have new debris wash up on the beach, that puzzle closes in the grid and you have to re-clear the beach.
By jakoa
so, is it done after the 16 puzzles are solved???
By wasntmesb
It would seem that once you solve the 16 puzzles, the game is basically over. I have kept mine running even though I solved the puzzles weeks ago, and nothing new has happened. Kind of disappointing.
By cyndy
I too have finished with 90 villiagers and can't get into the cave. Either we are all missing something or it just ends. If the later is true it is disapointing. I have kept it running but nothing has happened. I have tried everything I can to get into the cave.
By you and me
Does the golden child stay five forever?
By firecloud
There is a second Chapter of VV coming out this winter. :)
By vvnut
how do you solve 16? i keep dragging the Golden Child to the boulder but he wont do squat!
By vvnut
well, ppl keep saying that u know how the word "villagers" is inderlined except for the G? and that the sign "a new home" is hanging on the underline for "villa"? well, people think that there's some task that leads to another sign, which hangs from the underline in "ers" but i dont believe a word of it. its just an underline and they thought it'd be a cute idea to hang the sign from the underline (rolls eyes). but believe what you want.
By steph
Sry to tell you this but the cave is only to leave room for V V2. I think the pair of eyes are the children on VV2. U just move the boulder and nothing happens at all sry
By vv1
i dont even see the pair of eyes
By bigboss
Actually the cave is the beginning of virtual villagers 2 where a couple of villagers are able to get through and they find lost kids and then the second virtual villagers starts.
By lovinfla24
yea i also have completed all 16 puzzels have golden child that stays 5 forever it seems.took me about 4 or 5 weeks to get this far then nothin,very disappointed. something anything should have happen.after all that we should have at least got a thataboy :)
By alias
I was wondering, being i have... 91 villagers and many more children to be born, if the school house can be conferted as it states when you place a villager over it. The villagers also say they are worried
about houseing when they are parenting.

By bob
Where is the buried treasure? ive sent someone all over the southern area and have not found it
By rock
send one master builder near the food pin he will himself dig the buried treasure
By b
There is no end to virtual villagers but here is an answer to some unanswered questions

-the golden child stays 5 forever
-when I brought the golden child to the beach (to search for treasure) he went to the boulder and opened it. Otherwise no matter what I did he wouldn't deal with it.
-the treasure is directly under the food bin on the beach to the left of the stone henge. When you drop your master builder around there it will say "it looks like something is buried here" and he will start to dig.

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