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hi everybody ,I found the game slow...

hi everybody ,I found the game slow at first.till I upgraded the soil
Plant tycoon is a good game just like fish tycoon,
The first magic plant is a red rose called Roy Joy $ 80
the second is magic plant is a deep blue rose called fabled lemonbush $ 361 but you need to upgrade the soil to $3000 and always have insect spray $75 and save all seeds
I only been playing the game for a few days, so thats all I have.

when the game first starts I found that if I sell all for a low price
its gets better you get to pollonate from other differant plants which
makes diferant plants all the time

you will get there lucymo

By cygnet84
When you first get the game and first begin, you really want to pollinate each tier one plant with itself since until you get better soil and have a bigger seed tray you will be limited to tier ones. You grow a few trays of the tier ones (and don't accidently pollinate away the very plants you need -- those basic plants are critical for moving ahead) then you will have the money to get better soil and then a bigger seed tray. Don't worry about the water. I have all 527 plants but I did that by getting a virtual seed tray which means I never "sell" seeds in the trash. I save them all. My big mistake when I started was eliminating the spotted reptan and spotted ball cactus seeds. Then when you need them you don't have them and they NEVER appeareed in the store for me. I had to spend 10's of thousands of dollars trying to get those back. And of course early in the game, I didn't have that kind of money. I have never had more than 70,000 dollars and have all the plants available. Money is the key to game. It helps to be able to grow things quickly I suppose. The key is to not lose/use your last seed of any variety of plants. You need each type of plant to breed another type of plant. Many people go after the 6 magic plants which is necessary but then when they get those think the game is over. What is there left to do? The hardest plant to get is the Tilia Ridgeball unless you buy it. I breed mine and it took literally getting every other plant first.
By cygnet84
In my post above I meant money is NOT the key to game. Thinking faster than I type :)
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