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I found the logic in Plant Tycoon. ...

I found the logic in Plant Tycoon. I’ll try to explain it clearly. I don’t know if anyone else has discovered it yet…

There is a domination in the flowers and plants. I think I found all the plants and flowers, but I’m not sure.

First the plants’ domination:
(I haven’t found those in (), but they must be above Pitcher, the order is probably wrong)

1. (Weeper)
2. (Ridgeball)
3. (Multiflora)
4. Pitcher
5. Tigerfern
6. Glaber
7. Ball Cactus
8. Pear Cactus
9. Pipe Cactus
10. Rare Oak
11. Maple
12. Bamboo
13. Lemonbush
14. Fanleaf
15. Maranta
16. Ananas
17. Fern
18. Gladiatus
19. Astera
20. Orchid
21. Gr
22. Scandens
23. Reptans

This means for example: Fern + Astera = Gladiatus
But also: Fern + Orchid = Gladiatus <-- because there is nothing between Gladiatus and Astera it chooses the top one. I’ve tested this, and it’s true. The list is correct.
Another example: Tigerfern + Reptans = Fanleaf
It just chooses the middle one, except when there’s no middle, it chooses the one above the middle. Dominance.

The same goes for the flowers:

1. Tilia
2. Baccatus
3. Lilia
4. Tahition
5. Venus
6. Arthurium
7. Citrus
8. Mela
9. Venomous
10. Aureus
11. Four Petal
12. Blazing
13. Fragrant
14. Fabled
15. Jalapa
16. Viola
17. Rosaceae
18. Mystic
19. Bluestar
20. Nox
21. Daisy
22. Painted
23. Spotted

For example: Blazing + Fabled = Fragrant & Blazing + Jalapa = Fragrant

The difficult part is finding the top and bottom one. Because they are hard to mix. I used the Mutation Liquid to find them. That liquid makes a plant in either a new flower, that is one above or below in dominance, or a new plant which has the same rule.

Now, combining the two dominance rules is a bit tricky. It takes a lot of thinking… If you want a fabled orchid for example, you CAN (there are more ways) do this:
Fragrant Gr + Jalapa Astera = Fabled Orchid. Just look into this, and you’ll see the logic eventually;)

Now the magic flowers. I found all six, but I’m not sure if there are just these six, or it’s because I found these six first…

1 Rose of Joy Rosaceae Fern
2 Magic Tree of Fragrance Four Petal Maple
3 Fabled Rose of Isola Fabled Lemonbush
4 Fruit of Life Mela Rare Oak
5 Flower of Knowledge Nox Orchid
6 Berries of Wealth Aereus Scandens

If you understand my dominance rules, it’s not that hard to find them;) Good luck!

By jollyjas
that just went way over my head
By blue
The order for the ones you have in parenthesis are:

1. Ridge Ball
2. Multiflora
3. Weeper
By psy
By adriana
I kind of get it, but I know I'm missing something. I have "Forrest Gumped" my way through finding 2 magic flowers, but I don't know how I did it.
How on earth do you cross-pollinate?!
I've done it, I just don't know how I did it!
Any advise would be appreciated.
By sammiekatz
Just click on the flower in the pot. Look to the left and there is a little square box with fluff or something floating around in it. Click and hold and drag the fluff to whichever plant you want. If you want more seeds for a plant, drag the fluff to that plant and it will pollinate itself and produce more seeds. When you click later on the plant there is another box to the left showing the seeds and you then deposit them in your seed tray. IIf you want to, for example, cross pollinate an orange fern with a pink fern, click on the orange fern, go to the left, click and drag the fluff to the pink fern and release. and Wait. Hope this makes sense.
By lissedae
I don't think this list is right. I mixed a weeper with some marantas and ended up with a lot of rare oaks. According to this list, I should have had cacti. :(
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