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Ok folks I have a BIG question........

Ok folks I have a BIG question.....

I have made a village on each of the spaces aloted in my game... and have found the same problem on every one of them.
I am missing the same piece of the Mausoleum.. What I would like to know is.... Whats up with that??????

I mean this is NOT RIGHT come on now .. how can the same little piece not be in the game??????
Or are you going to sell me the patch after I am bald from pulling my hair out ... and I must tell you my hair is beautiful down pass my waist I am a woman did you not finish the part where we get the dead people to come visit the family so you kept 1 piece ?? hmmmmm yes I see how that would work??? O,o
So ok what is wrong with my game???????
All of them are well over 9 mill in tech and 3mill in food I have 101 in people on 2 of them.. twins other puzzles are done...
So what is wrong with this HELP MEEEEEEEEE please.

The answer is yes if your wondering is this all I do.. I am bound to a wheel chair and this is my fun..

thank you please answer..

By elopez
Me too also I cant do the feast noone will put the fish in the pot do u know why??
By just me
I too had trouble finding that last piece of the mausoleum....finally it just appeared right at the base of the cliff by the mossy rocks. The piece I can't find is the last piece from the lab. I know it will appear sooner or later but I may not have the patience to wait that long.
By dwight
thats just it you got to keep looking for the pices you need if you leave it alone too long you will miss it i had the same problem i have played this game too many times one time i had all the pices but i could not treat the tree and if you dont have any kids you have to wait untill you have kids running around before you can pick things up
By theo
yes, I solve all the game and trophies, except last piece of mausoleum and the rest of trophies in link with. I lost the piece because kids missing...what can I do? did you find some ideas?
By wensdae
you probably just keep missing it, it will eventually appear, the 1 youre missing is most likely the very small piece and is hard to see, you best bet is to look very closely when the fog comes in and right after, that when collectibles appear most often.
By koolkat
Sometimes when you are trying to look for something so hard, it's really right in front of you. Try to distract yourself with other things... maybe if you do that, you won't be as pressured to find it and you will actually notice it.
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